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Caleb + Rebecca | Northern California Engagement | California Wedding Photographer

When giving the shirt off your back becomes literal - yep, Caleb is wearing my shirt in these photos - actually the shirt I'm wearing now! Anything for the shots, am I right??

Words to describe shooting with Caleb and Rebecca - carefree, easy and fun - and we all know those are my favorites! We all had multiple times where we couldn't speak because we were just trying to pull it together from laughing!! I think one of the sweetest parts of this shoot for me was seeing how absolutely comfortable with each other they are. Marriage is something so special - because you're signing up to know someone better than you've known anyone else before, the good and the bad, and signing up to choose them every day forever, smelly morning breath and all. I could feel that with Caleb and Rebecca - they've chosen in, and they're in it for the long haul with each other. There's just something so sweet about them, and I can't WAIT to shoot their wedding. Stay tuned for that album coming up!

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